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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fuzzy Animals

While taking a break from the ceramic animals, I discovered some artists making flocked and haired scale model animals. It's fascinating because the finished animals look VERY real.

For my first attempts, I used Safari and Mojo Brand plastic animal bodies and carved them down to accept the fur. Flocking these is kind of like painting models with fibers and glue. You can also blend the colors to make another color and this looks very realistic on the animal.

The photos below show the animals I've done to date. All these animals are 1:12 scale. The sheep is haired with poodle hair that was clipped off the dog during his grooming session. The bell is brass with a leather collar that is adjustable and removable. This ewe is a donation to Lisa Garcia's model horse show in Chapin, South Carolina.

The tri color collie was sold on eBay. He is haired with synthetic fibers from yarn and poodle hair.

 The red fox is for sale now on eBay. He is haired 100% with synthetic hairs.

 The German Shepherd dog is also for sale now on eBay.

My seller's name is bonanza-set on eBay.

There is a very nice hyena that is almost finished and a gray donkey that is in the works.

The commercially made bodies are now not good enough for the fuzzy animals I'd like to do so am building armatures and sculpting my own bodies. In that list there is a domestic Savannah cat and a "scared"  black cat with his back up. I will make a Jack-o-Lantern to go with the black cat.

It's a bit too late to be doing this for Halloween, so I may save the black cat and pumpkin to sell next year.

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The biggest news right now is that we are building a HUGE workshop. This workshop will extend the garage and have a room for messy work and a big shower/bathroom/laundry room.

The ceramic horse work is cranking back up slowly as I develop a daily work routine.

Here are photos of the workshop in progress:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 8
The last photo is what it looks like today. I'll post more as progress happens.

Day 16 - October 25-2015

Day 17 - October 26-2015